Specialised Tree Surgery, Pruning, Felling & Woodchipping

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Welcome to Tree Solutions. With more than 20 years’ experience in arboriculture and tree surgery , Tree Solutions Australia P/L provides professional and high quality tree services to the Sunshine Coast.

Managing Director Brendan Martin is a fully qualified Arborist (Dip.Arb/Hort, MAA, MISA, MQAA) with a passion for trees and protecting the environment. As an experienced and qualified Consulting Arborist, Brendan is able to assist with quotes, reports, assessments, consultations and provide expert advice.

The TREE SOLUTIONS team are able to undertake a varied array of arboricultural services to maintain and manage trees. Work is always performed to Australian Standards and the experienced crew work safely and efficiently implementing strict measures to ensure workers, other people and property remain safe. Tree Solutions has a current Public Liability of insurance of $20 million and Professional Indemnity of $2 million.

Our Services

Tree Removals

Trees will often need to be removed to maintain safety.


We offer tree surgery and pruning for purposes of safety,

Safety Assessment & Reports

Tree safety assessments carried out annually can reduce most risks

Tree Protection & Retention

Tree protection is vital particularly during development or construction projects.

Air Spade

We offer air spade root excavation as a non-invasive technique,

Wood Chipping/Mulching

Recycling and reusing tree material from our works is eco-friendly,

Tree Root Impact Assessments

Tree roots can cause damage to land, buildings and infrastructure.

Tree Selection Advice

What's the most suitable species of tree for your needs?

What Our clients Says

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul

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