Tree Solutions is a leading South East Queensland consultancy providing independent advice and services in the Horticultural and Arboricultural sectors. Our goal is to be the preferred provider of environmentally sustainable solutions in each of these service disciplines.

In order to fulfil our goal Tree Solutions will continue to develop and implement its environmental management system (EMS).

At an operational level, we are committed to complying fully with our legal obligations, and adopting a preventative approach to the management of any pollution risks. We will also seek to minimise our demands on environmental resources, through the adoption of suitable management practices and technologies wherever there are economic and practical opportunities to do so.

In undertaking Horticultural and Arboricultural commissions, fulfilling our client’s objectives is our paramount concern. However, we also acknowledge that our services and advice may lead indirectly, to environmental impacts at a later stage of a project’s lifecycle. In order to manage this concern effectively, we will always comply with the client’s environmental requirements. Where clients have not established clear environmental objectives for a project, we will offer to provide appropriate environmental management advice.

We will ensure that this policy and associated environmental initiatives are understood, implemented and maintained by all in our organization through comprehensive and effective education and training.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance, and undertake to monitor our progress against environmental objectives and targets, that will be reviewed on a regular basis. We undertake to communicate our progress annually to employees and by request to clients and other interested parties.

The owners and managers of Tree Solutions take an active interest in the development and operation of the EMS and encourage the active participation of employees in the development of environmental initiatives.

Responsibility for environmental performance is assigned to the owners, managers and staff of Tree Solutions.